Pudhu Vellai Mazhai

There are myriad reasons why this is one of my favorites.

  • It is from one of my favorite movies- Roja.
  • It is shot in wonderful locales(the troubled state of Jammu and Kashmir in India)
  • It has excellent camera work
  • The hero and heroine have a wonderful, soft, shy chemistry between them
  • The lyrics by Vairamuthu captures and compares the essence of both the firsts- the first time looking at snow, and the first time with a lover
  • And finally, the music itself- A R Rahman’s first ever composition. Excellent

The purists will insist that the lyrics need to be understood for one to “get” the song in its entirety, yet I have listened to it for the longest time without understanding a word. I enjoy it completely, from the spine- tingling beginning, until the climactic ending. It transports me to that special first moment when looking at a lover was a special thrill, exciting yet calming. One can’t help being happy. This song deserves happiness of the purest, most unadulterated kind.

Transalation ( the best I could do):
( Female and Male)

pudhu vellai mazhai ingu pozhiginradhu
indhak kollai nilaa udal nanaiginradhu
ingu sollaadha idam koodak kulirginradhu
manam soodaana idham thaedi alaiginradhu

A hitherto unknown white rain (snow) falls in this new place,
The dazzling body of the full, beautiful moon is drenched in it too.
Formerly unknown parts of my body are feeling cold,
And my mind wanders in search of a pleasurable warmth.

nadhiyae neeyaanaal kadal naanae
siru paravai neeyaanaal un vaanam naanae
If you are the water from a river,

I am the bank towards which you flow,
If you are a bird, I am your sky.

pen illaadha oorilae adi aan pookaetpadhillai,
Flowers aren’t bought by men in the absence of women,

(female) pen illaadha oorilae kodidhaan pooppooppadhillai
Flowers don’t bloom in the absence of women.

(Male) un pudavai mundhaanai saaindhadhil indha bhoomi pooppooththadhu
When the edge of your saree slipped and touched the earth, flowers bloomed all over.

(female) idhu kamban paadaadha sindhanai un kaadhoadu yaar sonnadhu
Who whispered these words into your ears, that even ‘Kamban’ (a tamil poet) did not sing?

(female) nee annaikkinra vaelaiyil uyirp poo vedukkenru malarum
When you embrace me,my body blooms like a flower,

(male) nee parugaadha poadhilae uyirp poo sarugaaga ularum
If you hadn’t accepted my embrace, I would have withered away.

(female) iru kaigal theendaadha penmaiyai un kangal pandhaadudhoa,
Are your eyes scorching this body that is yet untouched by anyone?

(male) malar manjam theradha pennilaa en maarboadu vandhaadudhoa?
Has the moon- faced woman who hasn’t yet seen flowers in bloom, come to play with me?


Comments on: "Pudhu Vellai Mazhai" (6)

  1. Deepak Uchil said:

    Beautiful one of Rahmans best!! Listened to it after long.Great Punee but give us something besides bollywood & ayn rand.

    • I love Indian film music and Ayn Rand’s philosophy, so ……………… 🙂

      Though I think you will be seeing some non- Indian stuff soon 🙂

      • Deepak Uchil said:

        I luv it too but we have dissected her philosophy enough times.!! Happy blogging!

  2. Superb Translation, what a romantic lyric and tune.

  3. Perfect ❤️. Couldn’t put it better myself.

  4. Siddhesh said:

    nadhiyae neeyaanaal kadal naanae

    The translation for this should be “If you are the river, then I will/shall be the ocean/sea”

    Very good song. One of my favorites too. 🙂

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